Hi! We’re Under The Covers! You might remember us from such past episodes as “Fleetwood Mac”, “Rocky Horror Show”, and “Two minus three equals negative fun!”. That’s right - the show 5 years in the making, it’s “The Simpsons”! Under the Covers is more than a cover band, it’s an interactive trivia game show experience! Each episode we choose a musical theme, and although it was booked and canceled a few times over the last few years, we’re excited to finally bring you “The Simpsons”! The band will play selected songs from the best seasons of the beloved TV show, and our contestants and audience will have the chance to win prizes and bragging rights by answering trivia questions and playing games! Then afterward we’ll play a set of carefully curated cover songs. Our contestants for this episode will be Briana Anderton and Dave Senior Jr! The band: Chris Hume Jesse Whiteley Kyle Sullivan Scott Bannister Gail Roberts Kate Roberts And your host Chloe Watkinson! So come on down and party like it’s on sale for $19.99!