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Jesse's Music

A Good Thing (2019)

By Blue Standard

Raoul Bhaneja: Vocals and harmonica

Jesse Whiteley: Piano

The debut release from Blue Standard, recorded live off the floor with no overdubs, one September day in 2018, at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto, Canada. Mixed, engineered, mastered and co produced by James Paul of the legendary Rogue Music Lab.

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Records Jesse has appeared on, or arranged for:

Sonic Departures (2020)
- JW-Jones

Role: Keyboards, big band arrangement on "Ain't Gonna Beg"

Three's A Charm (2019)
- Son Roberts

Role: Organ

The World Of Jackie Washington (2019)
Role: Organ on "Alone In The Dark"

Tearing Up The Rails (2016)
- Lucas Haneman Express
Role: Organ, Keyboards

Where Evil Grows (2015)
- The 24th Street Wailers

Role: Piano, Backup vocals, Horn arrangement on "You Know"

The Prince That Nobody Knows (2014)
- Coppins
Role: Organ, Piano

Jass/Blues (2013)
- Vince Maccarone's Los Variants

Role: Horn arrangement on "Black Night"

The Light Of Christmas (2012)
- Ken Whiteley

Role: Piano

Seventh Hour (2012)
- JW-Jones

Role: Organ, Piano 
vocal arrangement on "In A Song"

Deltaphonic (2010)
- Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley

Role: Piano, Organ, Horn arrangements

Midnight Memphis Sun (2010)
- JW-Jones

Role: Organ, Piano, Horn arrangements

A Christmas Special (2009)
- The Toronto All-Star Big Band

Role: Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Percussion, big band transcription

Sing The Cold Winter Away (2009)
- Kathy Reid-Naiman

Role: Horn arrangements

Bluelisted (2008)
- JW-Jones

Role: Organ, Piano, Backup vocals

Morning Sun (2006)
- Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley

Role: Piano

It's The Natural Thing To Do (2005)
- Chris Whiteley

Role: Organ, Piano